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So you’ve hustled the streets of Lagos and discovered that
there is a growing affiliation towards Nigerian music – you
hear it blasting from the cars with lowered windows as the
drivers try to conserve fuel (cheapskates) and you also see
it from the number of CD singles being sold like hot cake
for N150-N200 (street hawkers) .
You can’t quite understand this because you remember a
time when you stormed into a club with ‘Return of the
Mack’ to welcome you, followed shortly by ‘This Is How We
Do It’. But this is NOT how the clubs are doing it now.
Out goes the American hip-hop & RnB and in comes the
Nigerian pidgin-pop & PnP (Peter and Paul, commonly
known as PSquared). You’ve seen D’banj do it, Wande Coal
do it, M.I do it, Davido do it, and Darey do it (though he’s
arguably not as rich as the other artists) but nonetheless, a
ludicrous idea starts to brew in your dandruff-riddled head
– If I can record one hit song I can stop eating Indomie
noodles for life!
Whilst this couldn’t be further from the truth (with zero
singing experience, zero credibility and zero myspace fans
to your name), miracles abound when you consider the
following valuable tips:
1. Craft a cool stage name for yourself:
Don’t call yourself ‘David’; call yourself ‘Davido’! Don’t call
yourself Dapo Oyebanjo; call yourself ‘D’banj’. If your real
name is Alex Poopoo (which has already gotten your singing
career off to a terrible start) then get creative and transform
your name to ‘Lexi-P’ – you get my drift? Boring names in
the Nigerian music industry don’t get you very far e.g. Dare
Art Alade, which was subsequently transformed to ‘Darey’,
now looks and sounds much cooler.
2. Use Autotune:
You don’t have to know how to sing – that’s years of sore
lungs and ear-deafening you don’t have time for. Do what
the veterans are doing – synthesize your wack voice and
you will soon be sounding like T-pain, Lil’ Wayne, Wande
Coal, 9ice and Wizkid, just to mention a few.
3. Make your chorus catchy with keywords (and repeat
them throughout the song):
The best part about this tip is that the keyword doesn’t have
to be an actual word that exists in the English dictionary.
For example, just say words like ‘ti-ko-ko ti-koko’ and
explain in your song that this the sound your heart makes
when your dream girl is around you. Also, make as many
exclamations as possible. Beyonce’s ‘Crazy in love’ track is
laced with the ‘Uh-oh’ sound which sounds like she’s made
one to many blunders but works like a charm. Rhianna
cleverly adds the exclamation ‘eh-eh-eh!’ to her platinum
track ‘Umbrella’ and Banky W can testify to its success.
4. Infuse pidgin into every track:
Remember, this is the Nigerian market you’re trying to
penetrate. If you sing completely in English then you will
NOT be relating on the same level with the average
Nigerian. In fact you’ll probably be seen as being a stuck-up,
arrogant, returnee from the UK or US who’s trying to
impress those who’ve got ZERO chance of getting VISAs to
travel out of Nigeria in the foreseeable future. E.g. While
Darey’s ‘Not the girl’ was a hit among the hip Nigerian
community, it wasn’t churning the kind of public interest
and cash that D’banj’s ‘Ogbono feli feli’ was doing
effortlessly. Today, Darey is attempting more club bangers
and lacing them with generous helpings of pidgin English
(The song ‘Ba Ni Kidi’ is not exactly a work of art but
definitely a work of Art-Alade).
5. Quality Is important
Quality is probably the most important aspect of your
music. Most upcoming artists have no idea of quality:
Their rhymes are crappy, their mixing and mastering sucks
and their overall music just doesn’t sound professional. The
easiest way to stand out and make a serious impression is
to step up and handle your audio quality. Get yourself a
studio with a decent condenser microphone, a better sound
card and find someone who will mix and master your songs
at least semi-professionally. If you sound professional,
people will think you are professional. This single step will
put you ahead of most other upcoming artists in this game.
6. Keep in shape
This is already self-explanatory. You can’t be looking like
Rick Ross and expecting your female fans to
appreciate you. In order to be able to throw off your shirt at
any given time, you will need to have the right 6packs
(Please no hungry packs) but the right packs like Iyanya,
Dipp and D’banj. Now if you a female artiste, then you need
to shed off those unwanted fats
around your stomach and reserve it for your hips and bust
because this is what Nigerian men love and you need it for
your photo and video shoots.
7. Show some skin:
Now Nigerians love daring performances (You can trace this
back to Fela’s days). In order to have an engaging concert,
you must be willing to show some chest on stage like
D’banj and throw your shirt into
the crowd like Iyanya.
A Disclaimer: Please do not attempt this if you do not have
a six packs and your body is only suitable for a
Michelin advertisement. (Just kidding )
For the ladies, a little baring of the laps hurts no one. You
can contact Tiwa Savage and Emmy Nyra for a few tips on
how to bare it all and still look classy.
8. Hit the headlines (Controversy)
Denrele once said “Good publicity is good publicity. Bad
publicity is good publicity. No publicity is bad publicity”.
Being in the news is key! Do whatever it takes to hit the
headlines! You got to be kidding me if you need
suggestions on how to achieve this.
Ok, I’ll give you a few. Have several baby mamas, have
several tattoos or date two popular celebrities, start a
twitter fight by dissing another celeb or release a terrible
song, breakup with your music label or have a groupie take
a photo of you in bed while you pretend to be asleep.
Please follow these suggestions at your own risk because I
do not endorse bad behavior.
9. Get a slogan
You think Tonto Dike was dumb when she thought
of#Poko? We have seen artistes carve a niche for
themselves with slangs that they use. Iyanya gave us “Your
waist”, Durella would “Zanga” this, Dbanj is the custodian of
“Kokolet, Labata, Lebete, Eja nla and so on” while Tuface
never fails to remind us that “Nothin dey happen”. You can
just think of something unique and make it yours!
10. Make Yourself Official
No matter how upcoming and unknown you are, to really
stand out you have to look official. Make sure to get that
official look of the pros. If you look like a pro your listeners
will assume that you are a pro. It’s as simple as
that. Here are some tips on how to get a more professional
look: Contact a good graphic designer and get a neat,
authentic and customized logo.
Make sure to get an official website
Always use the same logo, pictures, name, domain and
format in all your internet appearances. If you post YouTube
videos, make sure to use the same or a similar format for
titles and descriptions every time.
And also create official profiles on social networks for your
music, i mean an official facebook fan page and twitter
handle this will create a corporate identity and give you an
official look. And lastly Get a good promotional body to
potray your talent for you
11. Feature a Well-Known Artiste
Getting on a track with a well-known artist makes you stand
out like crazy. Most self-proclaimed upcoming artists will
never do that: They are simply too afraid, don’t believe that
it’s impossible and last but not least they don’t know how
it’s done. This is a huge opportunity for you. Nothing will
boost your credibility more than a collaboration with a
medium well known artist. There’s no doubt that this is one
of the best ways to stand out.
12. The best things are not for FREE!
Don’t be reluctant when it comes to spending, in the
present Nigerian music industry if you can’t pay the right
people I’m sorry to say your music will go nowhere,
Producers, OAPs, Social Media publicists, Radio/Satellite
channels, Magazines, Top DJs, Top bloggers, music
promotion companies, don’t joke with the services of those
people, consult them to work for you even if it requires
paying them huge amounts for the publicity you need just
for you to get to the top.
13. Use our social media
Online promo plan to create all the awareness and publicity
you might ever need on the internet, it is tested and
trusted! Here at Naijaloaded, we can help to place your
music online with ‘our’ over 70 million daily views, so just
imagine if 70 million people see you music on our platform.
You can get in touch with us by visiting our contact page.
14. Prayer
Lastly, In as much as you struggle to follow all these steps,
we can’t rule out the fact that we all need prayers in all we
do. It is the surest way of becoming so successful in the
music sector. Ask Patorankin why he came up with that

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